Virtual reality for construction companies

Planoplan is the first fully automated service for creation of 3D-tours around the apartments in the buildings under construction. Such VR-content can be easily embedded into the website in order to be watched on both mobile and desktop devices, and used in the sales offices of the developer.
Interactive widgets created in Planoplan make it possible for the customer to understand the ergonomics of the future apartment, its size and space, choosing various furnishing options, and even such important moments as the view from the window even before the building is ready.
For developers such virtual reality tour is a tool that allows implementing all the ideas of the customer, making their future lifestyle virtually real. It’s very easy to remove a temporary wall, unfold the couch is the living room, choose the color for the kids’ room and install a set of athletic equipment. People really like to see what they get in advance in order to interact with it. Interactive tours based on virtual reality are able to give them such possibility.
Oleg Kelnik, Director General and Founder of Planoplan

How Planoplan works

We need to take interactive Planoplan widget with the full set of visual information about the apartment, including the floor plan, 3D-render of the top view, 3D-360 rotation of the apartment about itself, and add it to your website using html- or js-code.

Walking around the virtual world

While opening the page of the apartment, the user is able to get more information about its characteristics, and perform a virtual walk around it, using a desktop computer or a tablet.

Loading the apartment to the smartphone

“Load to smartphone” tab makes it possible to move the information about the selected apartments to the smartphone of the customer, using QR-code and free Planoplan GO! application.

Checking apartments in Google Cardboard

If the smartphone has a gyroscope, the user will see Google Cardboard icon on the screen, which can be used to watch the virtual tour in the world of virtual reality that provides the deepest level of immersion into the virtual space. After that the user has to install their smartphone into Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses, which can be received in the sales office.

Prices of the virtual floor plans

Up to 10 floor plans
€ 800 / 1 floor plan
From 10 to 50 floor plans
€ 560 / 1 floor plan
More than 50 floor plans
€ 400 / 1 floor plan
Leave your contact information, and we will contact you within 1 working day. If you don’t want to fill anything inn, just send an email —

Our advantages

Mobile audience
Thanks to Planoplan the users are able to choose property in any point of the world using the virtual reality.
High speed of
It won’t take more than a couple of days to draw, render and implement floor plans even for the biggest residential complex.
Various furnishing options
and airspace
The world of virtual reality makes it possible to see the real color of the walls, laminated floors, as well as to choose the proper furniture configuration.

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